HISTORY: 1969 Porsche 911T

From the Original Owner

My wife and I bought the car new at the factory in March 1969, during a delayed honeymoon trip to Germany.

I am an aeronautical engineer, a pilot, and an aircraft mechanic. I was working on the Apollo Spacecraft during my last year in college, and due to a lot of overtime I ended up earning more money than I expected. So my wife and I decided on a delayed Honeymoon to Germany and to buy the Porsche. When I graduated we went to Germany to pick up the car, and tour the country. In those days if you drove the car 1000 miles you could bring it back to the US as a “Used Car” which saved a lot of taxes.

We went to Stuttgart upon arrival, picked up the car, took a factory tour, and then drove around Europe for 6 weeks.

Following that, I shipped the car from Rotterdam to Long Beach, California where we lived.

I took my wife in the Porsche to the hospital when my first son was born, and then 24 years later we drove it to his graduation from US Naval Flight Training. It only has 29,400 miles on it, so you can see that I have not driven it much, but I have loved it and taken great taken care of it all these years.

As a surprise gift, my wife had the car repainted in the original Polo Red color in 1990 by an expert shop here in Pittsburgh. The car had faded due to the sun exposure while in California.

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