1973 Porsche 911T Sportomatic - Now For Pre-Sale


Makellos Classics is proud to present a highly original 1973 Porsche 911T Sportomatic for pre-sale. This classic Porsche is a complete time-capsule with only 20,000 original miles while the interior and exterior are in excellent condition. This vehicle was purchase in Hawaii for the majority of its lifetime, but shows no signs of rust or paint bubbles. This vehicle was stored and garage kept since 1993. Additionally, we have found a tag for an oil change in 1991 showing the vehicle at 19,800 miles. This lets us know that this Porsche was garage kept and maintained well and cared for meticulously by its owner.

This is an MFI 73’. MFI stands for Mechanical Fuel Injection (introduced in 1969); this was the replacement for carburetors in higher end Porsche models (E and S), later on MFI became standard for US/American cars in 72-74. This MFI pump was frozen, so we are now reworking this feature to perform better than ever. Not many shops can service MFI’s, so we are very happy that we’re able to do all of the necessary work in-house with our Porsche factory certified technicians, as well as partnering with specialists where needed. MFI’s are highly desirable, as they sound great and perform very well when they are set-up correctly.


The interior of the vehicle is all original and shows excellent condition everywhere. The dash is uncracked and verified original, the carpet shows perfect age and condition for its year, and the door pockets are original and in excellent condition. Additionally, this vehicle has the original Porsche factory sport seats, which is very rare for the 911T. This Porsche was originally a radio delete and we have verified that this has never been altered and remains original to this day.


The exterior of this vehicle has no rust or paint bubbles, with only the slight paint chipping and patina highlights original paint. The paint is verified original from the doors forward, with no paint lines. The body shows zero signs of being in any collision and is straight. This original 1973 Porsche 911T Sportomatic also shows the original S-Trim package featuring anodized rocker moldings, with the original front and rear bumper trim/moldings. Other features include the original black trim around the signal lenses, the original black horn grills, and the rear black anodized grill and emblems.

This Porsche also comes with date-stamped 16x6 and 16x7 Fuchs wheels, the original sunroof that is in excellent condition and the rare rear wiper option that is original and unaltered.

Quick Highlights

  • 20k original miles

  • Original interior

  • Un-cracked and fully original dash

  • Factory original sport seats (very rare for the 911T model)

  • Original carpet (slightly stiff shows age and great condition)

  • Door pockets are original and in excellent condition

  • Radio delete from factory (unaltered and fully original, no stereo has ever been added- untouched covers)

  • Historic and highly collectible Sportomatic transmission (effectively clutchless transmission)

  • MFI 73’ tuned in-house by Makellos Classics

  • Paint ~65% original (doors forward original, no paint lines.) Paint meter measuring very accurate to original paint and shows no signs of being hit (the body is straight)

  • This classic Porsche kept in Hawaii, but with no rust or paint bubbles (garage kept)

  • Original S-Trim package

  • Original black horn grills

  • 15x6 and 15x7 1973 factory date-stamped Fuchs

  • Black trim around signal lenses (front and rear)

  • Rear black anodized grill and emblems

  • Rear wiper is original and very rarely found on early Porsche longhoods like these

  • Sunroof is included as well and in excellent condition

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