Classic 944 Porsche – There Is No Substitute!

The classic 944 Porsche is an effortless performer with striking contours, wider and angular wings, square rubber buffers and of course the pop up headlights! The 944 Porsche was one of the best handling cars in the 80’s that offered a luxurious experience to its driver. This classic beauty is beautiful on the inside and outside with all controls easy to handle thereby offering a brilliant driving position.

Our classic 944 is a reward for someone who admires the beauty of vintage cars. The classic 944 Porsche is affordable with an excellent on-road performance, best suitable for daily drivers. The thunder flairs at the front end over the front wheels make the Porsche look wide, sleek and really classy! The 30-year-old Porsche with a front engine, and a rear wheel drive is the least expensive Porsche! Your dream to own a Porsche can come true with the affordable 944 classic Porsche. At Makellos Classics, we take you through every detail and information you need to know before making a purchase.

Experience classic vintage luxury at Makellos Classics and browse through our range of 944 Porsche today!

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1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

1 owner, 10,000 original miles, Original paint, Original interior

It is our belief that sales should be a win-win for both parties. We are committed to selling only the finest Porsches…making the sales process a great experience!

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