Makellos Classics Porsche Restoration program is the premium solution to get the hands on care and experience your classic Porsche needs to be revitalized.


Makellos Classics proudly offers some of the best classic Porsche restoration available. Based out of Escondido, California- we have restored cars on an international level, from driver ready to full concours levels of Porsche restoration jobs. Please browse our options below, or contact us today to talk about your restoration project.


First things first: is this a Minor or Major porsche restoration?

All restoration cars, whether minor to major, get stripped down to the body. From there we can further inspect the parts and frame of the vehicle and make a better plan on what must be done to bring the car back to life. This is where we can decide whether it will be a minor or major restoration project. Once this decision has been made, we begin the restoration process of the classic cars.

Common Porsche Restoration Services

Show Ready Porsche

While we have completed restorations on extremely rare vehicles which have ran well into six figures, the more common restoration in our shop is what we call the "local car show winner". Components that function would be refinished but not necessarily rebuilt. This kind of job may involve the use of reproduction parts including interior seat and panel kits. This type of restoration takes hundreds of hours and costs in the mid to high tens of thousands of dollars. The car would do very well (winning) in local shows and at car club functions.

Driver or Street ready Porsche

We are often asked to do what we consider to be a "driver level" build. These cars are mechanically sound and cosmetically attractive. Everything works as it is supposed to and the owner can be confident of returning home after an enjoyable day. The car looks good and an appreciative audience will always gather around wherever the car stops. Costs here are very dependent on the condition of the car. If the car is currently resting on four flat tires in a field, the prospects will be much different than one which has been garaged and pampered.

Porsche Continuation/Concours restoration

A continuation is a revival of a classic Porsche. This means thoroughly going through the car and bringing it back to its original form. In this process, Makellos Classics does a full inspection of the car and repairs mechanical and cosmetic issues that take away from the enjoyment of the vehicle.

WHY CHOOSE Makellos classics for your classic Porsche Restoration?

  • We put the customer before anything else. Your satisfaction is our priority.

  • We set the bar high, and don’t produce anything less than our standard of perfection.

  • Our facility practices transparency, so you always know what’s going on with your investments, and in our garage.

  • We work hard to make sure that you love your drive, from the lot to your driveway.

  • We offer support before, during and after the transaction is finished. We’re all about the relationship, and we want our customers to be part of our community.