Are you ready to build your custom Porsche?

Makellos Classics offers a full scale custom Porsche building experience, unlike any other.

start by picking a base model program, or build your own from scratch:


The SC/Carrera Program harnesses the flexibility of the G-Body 911 to provide customers with a solid foundation for a variety of on and off-road vehicle applications.

The Classic 911 Program is for those seeking to add elements of modern convenience while maintaining the integrity and originality of their classic Porsche.


Our Exclusive Build Program is our most personalized and creatively open program, allowing you to follow your dreams and passions with a completely unique and tailored build process.

The SC/Carrera Program


With the introduction of the 911 SC (“Super Carrera”) in 1978, the Porsche 911 received a number of substantial upgrades from the previous G series (1974-77) models. Both the SC (1978-83) and the Carrera (1984-89) offer tremendous benefits when used as the foundation for custom 911 builds including:

  • Hot-dipped galvanized chassis

  • Reliable aluminum 3.0/3.2 liter engine cases

  • Factory hydraulic chain tensioners (1984-89)

  • Renowned G50 transmission (1987-89)

  • Larger “A-caliper” and ”Carrera” brake calipers

  • 28-tube brass (1980-83) and finned (1984-89) oil coolers

  • Improved fuel/ignition control systems


SC/Carrera Templates


Turn back the clock on your SC or Carrera – capture those classic lines of the early “longhood” 911s while retaining the modern creature comforts of the later models.


Fuel your passion in our rally-spec Safari - a no compromise build providing off road capability combined with the street performance you expect from a 911.


These builds make perfect use of classic hot rod sensibilities mixed with a handful of traditional Porsche touches to boost the original design of the Porsche 930 Turbo.

“Street Performance”

Retain the look and feel of your impact bumper 911 while enhancing power delivery and overall handling with the Street Performance build.


The Classic 911 Program


For those who seek period correctness with just a touch of modern comfort, we offer our Classic 911 Program.

Our Classic 911 Program build achieves a harmonious blend of contemporary technology, with original factory equipment, to retain the integrity of your vintage Porsche while adding substantially improved handling and modern conveniences.

At Makellos Classics, we utilize vehicles from the early longhood era (1964-1973) to recreate iconic models from Porsche distinguished race history including (but not limited to):

  • 1973 911 Carrera RSR

  • 1973 911 Carrera RS

  • 1972 911 S/T

  • 1967 911R

Also offered in the Classic 911 Program are full restorative services for vehicles of those who seek originality above all else. These projects are often high-value models and/or vehicles which hold a sentimental value. Restoration can vary from a 100 point concours-ready vehicle to a driver focused build.


the exclusive build program


Looking for something to personalize your Porsche beyond what we offer in the SC/Carrera and Classic 911 programs? Since 2014 we have been a prominent name in the restoration and advancement of classic Porsches. By putting your trust in Makellos Classics for your custom build, you gain a team whose expertise and shared passion for vintage automobiles drive them to being among the best in the business.

Makellos Classics' mission is to help you navigate what can often be a complicated build process. Our extensive knowledge of classic Porsches is at your disposal throughout the entire project. As fellow auto enthusiasts ourselves, we know that it can be difficult to solidify a project in its entirety up front or all at once.

To help our projects go as smoothly as possible, we've structured a multi-stage build process that allows you to tailor your design as the build progresses. Our project staff are available each step of the way to provide suggestions and feedback- helping to turn your ideas into reality. For more information, please see Our Build Process or contact us below regarding your custom build.