Our technicians boast over 60 combined years of experience in some of the most prestigious and results driven positions you can hold in the industry. They eat, sleep and breathe Porsche and can handle any project you’re willing to throw at them.


Tom Muehl. He is our head service technician and has his hand on most of the vehicles that come through our shop. He does all of our engine builds and all of our transmission builds. He has just around 30 years of Porsche experience is factory trained. He was at Pioneer Porsche, which is now San Diego Porsche, for about 28 years before joining the Makellos Classics team.


Our other technician is Mark Straka. Mark has the same capabilities but takes on what Tom can’t get to right then. He can rebuild Porsche engines and transmissions as well. He has around 30 years of experience and is a factory trained Porsche technician as well. Like Tom, he specializes in just about everything Porsche.


Jake Russo, started along with us a little less than a year ago and he is what we would call an Apprentice here. So he works with Mark and, and he's a good asset here because he has the quality and attention to detail that's needed in a place like this. He has been learning incredibly quickly and has grown to be a very valuable part of the Makellos Classics team.


Kevin does a little of everything here. The customers know him as our service advisor, he takes care of the customers, he buys the parts for the guys. He also helps Mark and Tom in here in the shop and assists them when needed.


Greg Bartley oversees the cars from start to finish- just making sure that things are done on time. He stays connected with the customers in that aspect. Our goal for service here is to do things right. You know, we want to give the customer something that they can drive and something that they love and something that's just a blast.

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