Makellos Classics is a highly skilled and specialized, one stop shop for your classic Porsche needs. We handle Porsche Sales, Service, Restorations and Custom Builds with a meticulous and hand picked team of experts.

A word from Matt Kenyon, owner of Makellos Classics:

Makellos Classics is a Porsche Service, Sales, Restoration and a custom build shop. We started as enthusiasts who just loved Porsches and we loved finding them in as original condition as possible. From there, we got into the performance aspect of Porsches. You've got a lot of restoration shops and service shops-- we set ourselves apart from the crowd by offering both niches under one roof. There's a lot of restoration shops out there that won't touch a car if it's not going to be a full restoration. And there's a lot of service shops that won't do restoration jobs— for example, they won't do paint work— they won't go the extra mile the way Makellos Classics does. We've strived to have the right guys on our team, that are able to work on these Porsches perfectly and that have been factory trained to work on these cars.

Makellos means perfection.

Born from a die-hard desire to pursue excellence and achieve perfection; Makellos Classics is the one stop shop for your Porsche. Custom builds? Absolutely. Restorations? You bet. Servicing? Yes, even servicing. Plus, with a technician staff having over 60 years of combined Porsche experience- in the some of the most competitive spaces in the industry- you can trust that your passion for performance and excellence will be perfectly met by our determination to strive for the immaculate build. There is no job too big or small for us- contact us now to get see how we can help out with your current or future Porsche.

Our ambition is in our name


/mákellos/, adjective (spotless, immaculate)

...With builds like these, Makellos continues to establish their place in the 911 world, meaning we’re eager to see what they decide to turn out next.
— Mike Burroughs, Stanceworks